Castle Hill Cider

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Castle Hill Cider
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Type Winery
Founded 2011
Headquarters Keswick
Products Hard Cider

Castle Hill Cider is an Albemarle County winery that produces hard cider. The site also acts as a venue for weddings and other events.


Castle Hill was originally built in 1764 by Colonel Thomas Walker, guardian to Thomas Jefferson following the death of Peter Jefferson.[1] Twenty-eight varieties of apple trees were planted on the 600-acre farm in 2009 to begin the cidery, which opened in 2011.[2] The cidery is one of the only hard cider producers in the world that utilizes kvevri, an ancient method of fermentation in which fresh cider is buried underground in terracotta casks lined with beeswax and allowed to mature. [3]


Castle Hill Cider is located at 6065 Turkey Sag Rd.


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