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Carmello's is an Italian restaurant owned by Bill Hedges. It opened in 1994 after Hedges, who already had experience in fine dining in northern Virginia, moved to Charlottesville . It offered primarily northern Italian cuisine along with some influence from central and southern Italian cuisine. Some of the food it offered included veal, rack of lamb, chicken, and fish. According to Hedges, when he established his restaurant he wanted to "offer something entirely different from the chain restaurants," Hedges' family, including his wife and son, worked in the kitchen. Many considered it the best restaurant in Charlottesville. [1]

It closed in 2012 after moving from its original location at Emmet Street to a new one on Fontaine Avenue. [2] The restaurant later moved to TwentyNinth Place.


In 2020, Carmello's received $10,000 as part of the Albemarle County Lift Grants program to assist businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 Emergency. [3]

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