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Overhead shot of Burley Middle School. Photo by Skyclad Aerial.

Burley Middle School is an Albemarle County public middle school providing grades six through eight. Burley is part of both the Southern Feeder Pattern and the Northern Feeder Pattern. Students attended either Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, Cale Elementary School, Stone-Robinson Elementary School, or Stony Point Elementary School and will graduate from either Monticello High School or Albemarle High School. As of 2012, Burley has 532 students enrolled and employs 69 faculty and staff members.[1]


Burley Middle School was originally built in 1950 as a combination of three schools for African-Americans: Jefferson High School, Esmont High School, and Albemarle Training School. The school opened in 1951 and was named for a prominent African-American community leader, Jackson P. Burley. In 1967 the school officially desegregated and became known as the Jack Jouett Junior Annex, and was used to relieve the overpopulated Jack Jouett Junior High. In 1973 the school was renamed Jackson P. Burley, housing grades six and seven and in 1974 it became an Albemarle County middle school with grades six through eight.[2]


The current principal of Burley Middle School is Kasaundra E. Blount. [3]

The following is a list of people who have served as principal[1]

Term Principal
2020 - present Kasaundra E. Blount
2012 - 2020 James Asher[4]
2009 - 2012 Sharon Amato-Wilcox
2006 - 2009 Marcha Howard
1997 - 2006 Bernard Hairston
1994 - 1997 Sherrard Howen
1987 - 1994 Thomas Zimorski
1982 - 1987 Ronald Broadbent
1971 - 1982 Joseph Trice
1967 - 1971 Robert Thraves
1959 - 1967 Alexander Scott
1952 - 1959 Eugene Mobley
1951 - 1952 Leander Shaw

Student misconduct

In the 2012-2013 school year, 16 students were suspended for alcohol possession, fighting, theft and using inappropriate language. [5]


Burley Middle School is located at 901 Rose Hill Drive.


Burley Middle School is home to one of the most-recent additions to Charlottesville's collection of community tracks, a hard surfaced oval-shaped course. One must run 6 laps in lane three in order to run a full mile on the track.[6]

Memorial to Burley High School

A memorial to the school's status as the only area high school for African-Americans was dedicated in October 2017. The memorial lists the names of everyone who attended the school from 1951 to 1967. [7]


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