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Rennolds, June 9, 1964

Burkett Armistead Rennolds (April 7, 1914 − April 22, 1973) served as a member of city council from 1964 to 1966 and as councilor/mayor from 1966 to 1968.

A local businessman, Rennolds won his first bid for public office when he was elected to the Charlottesville City Council in the 1964 election. At the time, he had been a member of the Charlottesville Planning Commission and a member of the Citizen's Advisory Committee. [1]

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At the time of his election to Council in 1964, Rennolds was chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee, a group formed in 1962 to study urban renewal matters. He was vice president and operating manager of Virginia Trailways bus service in Charlottesville, and vice president of the Virginia Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. [1][2]

1964 election

Candidates Votes %
Bernard J. Haggerty (D) 2,274 72.8%
Burkett A. Rennolds (D) 2,145 68.7%
Lindsey B. Mount (D) 1,927 61.7%
John H. Knight (R) 1,573 50.4%
Alfred P. Samuels, Jr (I) 142 4.5%
Source: City of Charlottesville [3]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.


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