Broomley Road Bridge Replacement

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Broomley Road Bridge Replacement
Broomley Road bridge near Ivy Nursery


Project Overview

To replace a wooden bridge that cannot be used by fire/rescue vehicles. The load limit of the existing single-lane bridge is 8 tons.
Cost $4 to $5 million[1]
Location Albemarle
Sponsor Albemarle & VDOT

Status Update

The county has $1.7 million saved up, and is applying for VDOT revenue sharing funds in FY2012 [2]

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A $4.5 million project to replace a railroad bridge that carries Broomley Road over railroad tracks is Albemarle County's top transportation priority. [2] The existing bridge was damaged by a passing train in 2007, which led to its weight limit being reduced to 8 tons. That means that fire trucks cannot reach 140 homes across the tracks.

On October 14, 2009, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors reallocated $1.6 million to the Broomley Road bridge from the unpaved road budget which had been previously allocated to improvements on Dickerson Road. Full funding to begin construction is not expected before FY 2017.[1]

On April 7, 2011, supervisors voted to apply for $1.5 million in VDOT revenue-sharing funds to contribute to the project. If awarded, the county will have to provide a match. [2] VDOT is currently doing preliminary engineering on the project and plans to put this project out for bids in December 2014. [3]



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