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Several localities in the region are making an effort to increase the coverage of broadband Internet services. [1]

Albemarle County

The Board of Supervisors created a task force in 2014 to study the infrastructure. A fall 2016 report recommended exploring public-private partnerships as well as treating broadband as a utility. Another idea was to create a regional authority. Albemarle also received a $118,400 grant from the

Virginia Telecommunication Initiative to work with Century Link on expanding access. [2] The Albemarle Broadband Authority was created in August 2017. [3]

Fluvanna County

The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors created a Broadband Access Task Force in 2017 to study the current infrastructure. The goal is to "collaborate with industry resources to develop a plan to expand affordable, reliable and high capacity broadband internet access to all businesses and residents." [1]

Greene County

Greene County surveyed its residents about the issue in the summer of 2017. A town hall meeting on the issue will be held on October 16, 2017. [1]

Louisa County

Louisa County created a broadband authority in 2014. The county is putting a request for proposals to build three towers of an eventual ten-tower at a local cost of $1.1 million. [1]

Nelson County

Nelson County has had a priority objective of improving internet access since 2006. Actions taken include creation of a broadband authority and a 39-mile network of fiber. As many as 600 subscribers are expected by the end of 2017. [1]

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