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Monticello is home to the area's only botanical garden[1].


According Lily Fox-Bruguiere, a graduate student at the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson originally planned a botanical garden at UVa and got as far as appointing someone to oversee the plans before he died[2].

According to Sallie Brown, in the 1930s, there was a bird and wildflower garden in McIntire Park, built as a Work Progress Administration project[3].

McIntire Park proposals

Two groups, McIntire Botanical Garden and Charlottesville Botanical Garden, each had separate proposals for the creation of a new botanic garden in the east end of McIntire Park, precipitated by the construction of McIntire Road Extended through the park[citation needed]. The city eventually signed a memorandum of understanding with the MBG group. [4]

The Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park believed the gardens should be created on the site of the Rock Hill Gardens[5].


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