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The Blue Ridge Home Builders Association is a builder's and developer's trade association organized in 1964[1].


Board of Directors

The 2014 Officers[2]

The 2014 Builder Board Members

The 2014 Associate Board Members

Past Directors

The 2012 Officers

  • President: John Kerber
  • Immediate Past President: Doug Kingma
  • Vice President: Charlie Armstrong
  • Associate Vice President: Jessica Ammons
  • Treasurer: Troy Yancey
  • Secretary: Tracie Skipper

The 2012 Board Members

  • Art Peters
  • Ben Davis
  • Casey Hastings
  • Joey Conover
  • Duncan Macfarlane
  • Drew Holzwarth
  • Jimmy North
  • John Scott
  • Karen Morris
  • Keith Scott
  • Kevin Shreiner
  • Matthew Gruber
  • Nancy Brewer
  • Rick Beyer
  • Ravi Respeto
  • Robin Newhouse
  • T.J. Wilson [2]

Government relations

The BRHBA actively participates in county and city government by appearing before the Board of Supervisors and City Council on matters that affect the area's building industry.

On November 24, 2004, the BRHBA sent a letter to the County Supervisors outlining ten concerns with changes being considered for ordinances that govern the County's subdivision rules[5]. A work session was held to address their concerns on January 12, 2005[6].


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