Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainable Schools Funding

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The Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainable Schools Funding was a 13-member citizen group, appointed by City Manager Maurice Jones in the summer of 2013, to identify a sustainable funding model for Charlottesville City Schools.

The formation of the Commission resulted from decreases in state and federal contributions to local schools, and multiple requests the schools have made to City Council for one-time funds needed to balance the division's operating budget. [1].

The report, finalized in January 2014, was intended to be used to guide Charlottesville's strategic planning process. [2]

Requests for One-time Funds

In order to balance the operating budget for fiscal year 2013, the City gave the schools $1.8 million in one-time money from the General Fund, and the schools used $1.49 million in capital improvement money. For fiscal year 2014, the City gave the schools $2.63 million to balance the division’s operating budget.



Blue Ribbon Commission's recommendations were published in 2014

Blue Ribbon Commission of Sustainable School Funding Report


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