Black Market Moto Saloon

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Black Market Moto Saloon
Genre Restaurant
Founded 2012
Founder Matteus Frankovich
Dissolved 2014
Headquarters Charlottesville

The Black Market Moto Saloon is a Charlottesville restaurant that opened in 2012. Later that year, owner Matteus Frankovich lost a campaign to be able to play live music in early October 2012. [1] Some residents of the Woolen Mills neighborhood had argued that live music was incompatible with their quality of life. City Council agreed and voted 4-1 to deny a special use permit to allow that use. [2]

Two months after the permit was denied, Frankovich began holding acoustic music events, which he argued was permissible by-right. The city zoning administrator argued it was only legal if the music were incidental to the operation of the business.[3]

The business later changed its name to Woolly Mammoth.

In February 2014, Frankovich put the space on the market, and in July 2014 it turned over to become Firefly.[4]

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Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′32″N 78°28′02″W / 38.02558°N 78.467156°W / 38.02558; -78.467156


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