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August 1, 2011 Biscuit Run State Park Concept Plan

Biscuit Run State Park is a planned 1,200-acre Virginia State Park in Albemarle County's Neighborhood 5 designated growth area.

The land for the park was once intended for the large Biscuit Run development as well as a 400-acre county park, but was purchased from the developer, Forest Lodge LLC, by the Commonwealth for $21.48 million in cash and tax credits in January 2010. A lack of state funds could mean the park does not open until 2020. [1]

Funding for the state park is on hold.

Master Planning

The Biscuit Run State Park Master Plan Advisory Committee held several meetings to develop the park’s master plan, including an inventory of natural and cultural resources. [2] This process concluded with a final public hearing on September 19, 2011. [3] The goal is to have a master plan in place by the end of 2011. [2]


It appeared for a brief time in February 2016 that the General Assembly would approve funding for the park. [4] Governor Terry McAuliffe had requested that a bond package include $42 million for the park, but this was removed by finances committees in the General Assembly. [5]

Advisory Committee

2011 Biscuit Run State Park Master Plan Advisory Committee[6]
Member Name Organization
Johnny Finch Virginia Association for Parks, President
Lonnie Murray Albemarle Natural Heritage Committee, Chair
William Sanford Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club
Christopher Gist Certified League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor
Barbara Landes Virginia Horse Council
Rex Linville Piedmont Environmental Council
Rosanne Simon Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards, Board Member
Steven G. Meeks Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society, President
Thomas Foley Albemarle County Executive
Bryan Elliott Assistant Albemarle County Executive
Wayne Cilimberg Albemarle County, Director of Planning
Ann Mallek Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Chair
Bob Crickenberger Albemarle County Parks and Recreation, Director
Stephen W. Williams Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, Executive Director
Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr. Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (Scottsville)
Forrest Marshall adjacent landowner
Peter Clark property owner
Chris Scott IMBA- state representative. Owner of Shenandoah Mountain Touring
Charlie Armstrong Southern Development, Vice President, Land Development
Ken Boyd Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (Rivanna)
David J. Toscano Delegate
Robert B. Bell Delegate
R. Creigh Deeds Senator
Tom Smith Division of Natural Heritage
Marshall Barron VDOT District planning staff
Dan Painter VDOT District planning staff
Ursula Lemanski NPS Rivers and Trails Program


Because the primary vehicular access will be from Route 20, Habitat for Humanity wants to create an extensive network of bike and pedestrian trails into the park from access points in a redeveloped Southwood Mobile Home Park. [7] In March 2017, Habitat and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation agreed to a land swap where Habitat got land for athletic fields close to Southwood whereas DCR got land more suitable for a state park. [8]

County fair?

Commonwealth officials indicated willingness to discuss holding the Albemarle County Fair at the site until the fair finds a permanent home.[9] However, nothing materialized for the 2011 County fair.


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 37°59′54″N 78°31′03″W / 37.998327°N 78.517399°W / 37.998327; -78.517399

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