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Bernard Peyton Chamberlain was the host of the Jefferson Cable Corporation's Community History Series.

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Chamberlain was a Charlottesville attorney and historian who, in the 1930s as a candidate for state legislature, led the fight against efforts to establish a managerial government in Albemarle County, a change that would wrest control of local issues from the Governor.

During World War II, Chamberlain served as a rationing executive for the Richmond Office of Price Administration before being appointed rent director for Albemarle County in 1944. As such, he was responsible for controlling rental costs for the area. [1] In 1999 he was posthumously honored by the Daily Progress as one of their Distinguished Dozen for the 20th century.[2] [3]

In 1959, he was chairman of the Albemarle Community Association. [4] In 1972, he was the vice president of Lee-Jackson Memorial, Inc. and serving as the Charlottesville director.[5]

Chamberlain died in 1983 at the age of 86.

Notable events

Community History Series

During his time as host of the popular Community History Series, Chamberlain traveled to various sites of historical importance, describing their significance to Albemarle County and Charlottesville. The sites featured include:


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