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SE corner of Charlottesville
District City of Charlottesville
Size 403 acres [1]

Elementary Jackson-Via or Clark
Middle Buford and Walker
High School Charlottesville HS

Other Attributes
Water Public
Sewer Public
Bus Route Yes
Gated No

Neighborhood Features
6th St SE, Moores Creek, and the CSX (former C&O) railroad bound the neighborhood [1]

Natural Amenities
Belmont Park

HOA Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood Association
Website BCNA

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Belmont-Carlton is a neighborhood in the southeast corner of Charlottesville. It includes Avon Street, Monticello Avenue and Road, Carlton Avenue and Road, Rives Street, and the areas known as Hogwaller, Big Hill, and Coal Bin[2].



The borders of the neighborhood are 6th Street SE, Moores Creek (the border with Albemarle County), and the CSX railroad tracks[2].


Belmont became attractive as an expansion area for the new city of Charlottesville in the late 19th century due to its location along transportation corridors to the James River and Scottsville. The Three Notched Road led east to Richmond. The Scottsville Road wound along what is now 6th Street E. But it was the development of the 551 acre Belle Mont Estate that let to a grid system that now helps define Belmont's character.

By the 1880's, the estate was owned by Slaughter Ficklin. After he died in 1886, the estate was purchased by the Belmont Land Company several years later. [3]

At this time, a portion of the rolling estate was known as the Commons because anyone was allowed to graze their cattle there.

As Belmont began to develop, the target demographic were middle and upper class families who wanted to get away from the bustle of Charlottesville. [3]

There were no churches in the neighborhood until 1909 when Hinton Avenue Methodist Church opened. [3]

There was a short-lived street railway that ran along what is now Avon Street between the C&O rail-line and Belmont Park. [3]

A portion of the neighborhood is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. [4]

Downtown Belmont

Fitzgerald Tire building (built in 1945), January 2023

Downtown Belmont is an urban retail district area which includes shops, restaurants, and offices. It is home to several eating establishments, including The Local, Tavola, Mas, La Taza Coffee House, Belmont Bar-B-Que, and formerly, the infamous Bel Rio restaurant. [5]

At the crossroads of Hinton Avenue and Belmont Road, Fitzgerald’s Tire Company, a service repair garage, is one of the most noteworthy buildings in Downtown Belmont. In April 2022, owner Jeff Anderson announced he was selling the place - asking price $1,200,000 ($1,113 price per square foot). Built in 1945, the concrete block building is 1,078 square feet, with five parking spaces on-site, zoned NCC (neighborhood commercial corridor).[6] City's Assessed Value (2022) $157,100; (2023) $285,100.

Development projects

1000 Monticello Road


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