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Belmont Park is a 3.1 acre park that was donated to the city in 1915 by Paul Goodloe McIntire. Today, the park in the Belmont-Carlton neighborhood features a full basketball court, benches, swing set and playground equipment, large shady oak trees a courtyard with shelter for outdoor concerts, and a spray ground. Belmont Park is bounded by Stonehenge Avenue, Rialto Street and Druid Avenue. [1] Other sources date its creation to 1921. [2]. This area was also known as the Grove.

The city's comprehensive plan classifies Belmont Park as a 'neighborhood' park. [3]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′08″N 78°28′53″W / 38.018945°N 78.481491°W / 38.018945; -78.481491


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