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Gerry Baugh addresses the Board of Supervisors

Baugh Auto Body is a Richmond-based auto service company that is expanding to a new location in Piney Mountain.

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Special use permit

On September 8, 2010, the Board of Supervisors considered approving a special-use permit allowing the company to begin operations in a building that was formerly home to Electronic Concepts, Inc. and Badger Fire Protection. The application was necessary because the Light Industrial zoning only allows for the land to be used for auto repairs and rentals with a special use permit, and not by-right.

One concern held by supervisors was whether any hazardous waste could leak onto the landscape through wrecked vehicles. A consultant hired by the applicant told the Board that all work on vehicles is done inside, limiting the risk to runoff entering the watershed from entering the watershed.

Gerry Baugh, the owner, said he would hire around 25 people to work at the facility when it is operational[citation needed].

A local attorney, appearing as a private citizen, spoke at the public hearing to object to the possibility of toxic materials leaking into the North Fork of the Rivanna River. The owner of Hall's Auto Body also objected because he said he was required to put in expensive filtration devices in order to mitigate the possibility. However, county planner Wayne Cilimberg said the Hall rezoning allowed the county the chance to make that requirement, but could not do so in the case of Baugh.

The Board unanimously approved the special use permit with 15 conditions including a requirement that all work be done inside the building.



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