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The Batesville Market is a convenience store and community center on 6624 Plank Road that opened in October 2014, succeeding the Batesville Store and carrying on in its tradition. That store closed in 2011 due to a dispute between its owners and the Virginia Department of Health. It reopened in October 2014 as the Batesville Market. [1]


Batesville Store on Plank Road

The Batesville Store was established in Batesville, according to the sign on the building (see photo), in 1880. It had been known as Page's Store.

Batesville Store

The Virginia Department of Health shut the store down in June 2011. Operated at the time by Liza & Cid Scallet, officials said it had more than 15 seats and would have to operate as a restaurant, something not allowed at that location by Albemarle County zoning.[2] For a brief time, the Scallets had planned to reopen the store, but have since decided to move on. [3]

===Plank Road Exchange A new store called the Plank Road Exchange opened in April 2012. [4] It closed after a little over a year.

Market begins

Then the Batesville Market opened when Alex Struminger and David Struminger decided to invest in the space. [1]

Alex Struminger reported:

"We're open Weds-Sat 7am-6pm and Sun 10am-5pm. We just updated the menu to include Roberta's Reuben with her special sauce and our own smoked pastrami. The Local is excellent if you're a veggie. Our breakfast biscuits are made on delicious biscuits from Ace Biscuit & BBQ."

New owner

In late 2019, Struminger announced he would sell the business to a qualified individual for $1. The fee did not include the building itself. [5]



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