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Barracks Road is a roadway in Charlottesville through the Barracks/Rugby neighborhood. The road begins in the south at Rugby Road, proceeds north to cross Emmet Street, and ends at the southern end of Garth Road. It also serves as the name of a neighborhood.

Barracks Road Neighborhood

Barracks is also designated as both State Route 654 and County Route 654.


Barracks Road gives its name to the Barracks Road Shopping Center. The road itself takes it name from a British POW camp set up in a barracks in 1779. [1].

Intersection improvements

In March 1948, a traffic study called for the intersection with Route 29 to be improved and for the traffic light to be removed. [2]

The Charlottesville City Council has approved an $8.6 million Smart Scale application to improve Emmet Street from Barracks Road in FY2018. [3] The Barracks Road and Emmet Street improvements‎ project is in the design stage.

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