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Baker-Butler Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school. At the beginning of the 2019 school year, the school reported 684 students in pre-K through fifth grade. [1] [2]

The school is part of the northern feeder pattern. Students continue on to Sutherland Middle School and then Albemarle High School.

New community trails were built around and near the school in 2019. [3]

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Baker-Butler Elementary opened in 2002 and is named for James R. Butler, the first African-American to serve on the County Board of Supervisors and John E. Baker, the first African-American chair of the Albemarle County School Board.[4]

Description from the 2019 State of the Division report

"Baker-Butler Elementary School teachers are striving to create personalized learning experiences for students through engaging, passion-based, and data-informed approaches for instruction. Staff build individual relationships with students and families, and they utilize common pre- and post-assessments to ensure that each child is appropriately challenged, supported and empowered in their educational journey. Professional development for teachers focuses on (1) the effective use of Professional Learning Communities to better identify and monitor student performance levels with curricular expectations; (2) best practices for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Trauma-Responsive Care; and (3) short and long-term Responsive Classroom goals and strategies."


The Mascot is the Bear. [2]


The current principal is Seth Kinnard.

Term Principal
???? - 2019 Seth Kinnard
2014 - ???? Stephen Saunders
2007 - 2014 David Cushman
2002 - 2007 Keith Hammond


Baker-Butler Elementary is located at 2740 Proffit Road.


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