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In local planning terms, Area B has previously referred to areas that are jointly planned with coordination from the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the University of Virginia. The term is not commonly used in 2023.

The name dates back to the signing of the Three Party Agreement between the city, county, and UVA. [1]


The Three Party Agreement is a list of what each entity is responsible for in terms of planning. The document is split into two sections with the first laying out what UVA will do. These responsibilities refer to specific parts of a map that is not contained within the document itself.

Area B is defined in the the second paragraph of the University's obligation which states that UVA will voluntarily submit its construction plans to review by Albemarle or Charlottesville for projects in Area B of the Map.

"Area B includes land which lies at the boundaries of or between the University and either the City or the County and on which the activities of any or all three of the parties might have an effect. Area B will be defined as a 'study area.' The City, County, and University will work with each other to try to develop a master plan for the study area perhaps by beginning with its most critical parts. The intent is that the results of the cooperative study will be made a part of the Comprehensive Plan of each body."


Studies have been done in various areas of Area B, including:

  1. Southern Area B Study
  2. West Main Area B Study
  3. Venable Area B Study
  4. Lewis Mountain Area B Study


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