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Photo credit: Jen Fariello, The Hook

Ann Reinicke is a resident of the city of Charlottesville who ran for City Council as a Republican with Kenneth Wayne Jackson in 2004.[1] Reinicke is the head of the Orangedale Neighborhood Association.[2] During the 2004 election, Reinicke suggested that creationism should be taught in schools. She received 1,782 votes, or 33.38%.[3]

Candidates Votes %
Kendra Hamilton (D) 3,465 64.90
David E. Brown (D) 3,366 63.05
Kevin J. Lynch (D) incumbent 3,183 59.62
Ann Reinicke (R) 1,782 33.38
Kenneth Wayne Jackson (R) 1,557 29.16
Write-In 778 14.57
Vance D. High (I) 717 13.43
Source: City of Charlottesville


Voters could cast three votes, one for each of the three seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.

University of Virginia Ties

Reinicke worked for 18 years as a nurse at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Other UVa positions include client services coordinator in the Health Sciences Center's Clinical Lab Department, and a position in the University's HR department. As an administrative intern, Reinicke participated in helping create and market the University's Continuing Education program. Reinicke was UVa's first certified phlebotomist.[5]


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