Anderson Carriage Food House

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Anderson Carriage Food House
Type Catering and grocery
Founded 1929

The Anderson Carriage Food House is a Charlottesville-based grocery store and catering firm that has been in operation since 1929. [1]


The store that would become the Anderson Carriage Food House was founded in 1929 and is currently owned by Ed Anderson and Jean Anderson and operated by their son Ted Anderson.[2] The store moved to the Meadowbrook Shopping Centre in 1954.[3] In 1999, the Andersons combined operations when they moved their Albemarle Square-based seafood store into the 8,500 square foot Carriage Food House space in Meadowbrook.[2]

Troubles with landlord

Shortly afterwards, the Andersons took the owners of the shopping center to court on charges that the company was seeking to break their long-term lease. The Andersons alleged that owner Clara Belle Wheeler and property manager William S. Rice Real Estate harassed them with unannounced inspections, complaints to city and state health departments and by charging too much for maintenance of common areas in the shopping center. In 1999, Wheeler sued the Andersons because they would not move into a smaller space that had been home to the Meadowbrook Washette. They won that suit in 2002 and counter-sued soon afterward. That resulted in a jury award of $100,000 in damages to the Andersons.[2]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°03′06″N 78°29′53″W / 38.051776°N 78.498188°W / 38.051776; -78.498188


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