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The Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation (ACCT) is a non-profit group founded in 2001 that promotes the use of alternative modes of transportation to reduce the number of cars on area roads. [1] The organization disbanded in 2012. [2] [3]

Notable activities

The group offered many programs to help encourage people to travel without using a car. These include a Bike Mentor program, the Bike Action Team, administration of the Safe Routes to School program to build sidewalks, as well as a weekly Bike Week. ACCT also develops a regional mobility map and administers the Safe Routes to School program in Charlottesville.

In October 2011, ACCT called on the Board of Supervisors to include bike and pedestrian trails as part of the Western Bypass. [4]

ACCT was a participant in the 2010 Design Marathon sponsored by the Charlottesville Community Design Center.

In 2008, the group had questions about pedestrian safety on U.S. 29 following an incident in which two people were hit by cars. [5] They developed a priority list that was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in June 2008. [6]

Streetcar initiative

In 2005, the alliance commissioned a streetcar feasibility study and paid for a trip of area stakeholders to Portland and Tacoma to see how that transit mode works. This was paid for by a grant from the Blue Moon Fund. [7]

2010 Bike Ballot

In 2010, ACCT partnered with Bike Charlottesville to survey cyclists in the community to find out their priorities for infrastructure development. With 582 responses, 82% said they wanted Charlottesville and Albemarle County to develop more bike lanes and dedicated trails[8].


ACCT made no requests for funding from Albemarle County for FY2013. Its former executive director, Vince Caristo, left the Charlottesville area in 2011 for a planning position in Bloomington, Indiana.

Board of Directors


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