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Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance is a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections. Its non-partisan mission is to promote more effective and efficient Albemarle County government, focusing on the budgeting process and taxation issues[1].


In 2007, Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance educated citizens about a state law requiring a proportional drop in the tax rate when assessments rise more than 1%, and also the Albemarle Supervisors' proposed 30% tax increase. ATTA's efforts resulted in a public outcry against the tax increase and a nearly $10 million savings to taxpayers[1].


ATTA announced the following members to its leadership team for 2011: Keith C.Drake, Pete Whitt, Betty Sevachko, Bill Smith, Jason Buyaki, Robert T. Short, Mark Setaro, Jim Stern, Tom Dulaney Slonaker, William E. Hopkinson, Chuck Lebo and Sarah Henley.[2]

Keith C.Drake is the Chairman of ATTA. Peter Wurzer is the Director of Research of ATTA.


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