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Albemarle House is a major estate in Albemarle County that is owned by Donald Trump. [1]

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Albemarle House is an approximately 24,000 square foot manor designed by architect David Easton and built in 1985. The house features eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a theater, a sauna and spa, and an off-site chapel.[2]

Foreclosure and Trump's acquisition

Albemarle House was sold at a foreclosure auction to the Bank of America on February 16, 2011 for $15.26 million shortly after former owner Patricia Kluge declared bankruptcy. Real estate mogul and television reality star Donald Trump had expressed interest in purchasing the property.[3] On August 16, 2012, a federal judge struck down Trump Virginia Acquisition, LLC's claims to the mansion. Trump had laid claim to the house based upon a right of first refusal clause in Patricia Kluge's deed, which stated that, should the property be sold, the owner of the surrounding land had the right to match the buyer's price within 15 business days, rather than having to outbid them. Judge Norman K. Moon ruled that the clause was nullified by the property's multiple owners. Trump filed an appeal of the decision.[4] Trump was able to negotiate a price of $6.5 million for the house, which is nearby Trump Winery. [1]


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