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Albemarle County Public Schools are governed by the Albemarle County School Board. There were 13,532 students enrolled at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, down from 14,435 at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. [1]

The Superintendent is Matthew Haas. In June 2021, the School Board extended his contract to 2025. [2]

The system anticipates hiring at least 30 new teachers for the fall of 2020 to accommodate a projected increase of 200 students. [3]

The division's budget in FY2020 is $195.7 million. [4]

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Organizational structure

Building Services Department has a mission to "clean, maintain and create learning environments." This department also works with around 90 community groups to provide space.

The Extended Day Enrichment Programs (EDEP) provides after-school and school holiday programs for over 1,100 students at county elementary schools. This program is self-sustaining.

The Fiscal Services Department tracks the system's finances and is responsible for long-range planning. As such, this department prepares and oversees development of the school system's Capital Improvement Program requests.

The Special Education department provides services to individuals with special needs up to the age of 21.

The Office of Strategic Communications provides information to the media as well as to parents.

The division of Student Services: Truancy and Safety is "to serve as resource for ACPS schools by supporting efforts to provide an inviting, safe and secure environment where all students can reach their learning goals."

The Department of Technology is to "ensure quality use of technological tools" including efforts to help teachers measure their performance against state standards.

The Transportation Services Department is "to provide safe, efficient, and customer-friendly transportation for our students to and from school." One identified issue in the department is staffing, an issue faced by other transit facilities. [5] The director is Jim Foley. [6]


In the fall of 1963, 26 African-American students were the first to attend white schools, several years after the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court Decision. [7]

Teacher pay

In June 2017, the School Board was presented with a study from the Arthur J. Gallagher & Company consulting firm on teacher salary. The report found the salaries of the county’s teachers fared well in comparison to some of Virginia’s highest-performing school divisions. The study also identified areas for improvement related to the selection of peer communities for salary comparisons and the amounts paid in stipends for work outside the classroom. The company was paid $32,325 for their work which consisted of a months-long review of teacher compensation by facilitating teacher and administrator focus groups and gathering external data.

In 2016-2017, salaries of county teachers with a bachelor’s degree ranged from $45,400 in the first year of teaching to $68,000 after 31 years. [8]

Collective bargaining

Efforts are underway to persuade the Albemarle County School Board to allow for school employees to enter into collective bargaining. [9]

School attendance zones

As of December 2012, the school division is considering changing its attendance boundaries.[10]

ACPS Personnel

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Elementary Schools

The school board voted in the spring of 2017 to close Yancey Elementary School and later transferred it to the Albemarle County general government. [11]

Middle Schools

High Schools


In 2016, Albemarle voters approved a $35 million bond referendum.

Future capacity

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With a growing population in Albemarle County, the School Board and Board of Supervisors are trying to be more efficient with dollars. Rather than build a fourth high school, the school has embarked on an initiative where smaller Centers are built throughout the county.

The first of these centers opened up in Seminole Place, the former Comdial building, in the fall of 2018.

The second of these is planned to be in the Mill Creek area and has the planning name of Center II. The School Board will ask the Board of Supervisors to transfer 15 acres of county-owned land near Monticello High School for this purpose. [12] [13] The School Board voted on November 14, 2019 to formally ask Supervisors. [14]

Elementary school overcrowding

As the COVID-19 Emergency neared its end, parents of Mountain View Elementary School were told that some 5th grade students might need to be transferred to Walton Middle School in the fall to alleviate overcrowding as an expansion of Mountain View is underway. The alternative is trailers. [15] The idea was later discarded. [citation needed]


Pupil transportation is provided by an internal division. In August 2021 it was announced the Commonwealth of Virginia would use $530,000 from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund to purchase two electric buses for the fleet. [16]

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