Albemarle County Public Schools Athletic Council

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The Albemarle County Public Schools Athletic Council was formed in October 2009.[1]

Purpose: To advance, discuss, and communicate ideas for the continuous improvement of the student athlete's experience.

Membership for 2009-2010 School Year

  • Christine Fortner, President (Student rep-Junior at WAHS)
  • Scott Hendrix, President-Elect (Parent rep-AHS)
  • Brud Bicknell (Coaches rep-MHS)
  • Fitz Barnes, Steve Heon, and Deb Tyson (HS Athletic Directors)
  • Matt Haas (ACPS Director of Secondary Education)
  • Brian Wheeler (School Board observer)

The Council has representation from each of Albemarle County's comprehensive high schools and includes students, parents, coaches, athletic directors, central office staff, and the school board. In 2010-2011, the council will expand to have two students, two parents, and two coaches. A rotation system is also in place (e.g. next year the new student addition will be from Monticello High School).


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