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The operations and funding priorities of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors are governed by a strategic plan that is revised on a regular basis.

The current plan was adopted by the Board on November 7, 2018. [1]

FY20-FY22 Plan


  • 1. Climate Action Planning
  • a. Develop/implement phase one of the Climate Action plan to include high level goals and

strategies focused around climate protection and resiliency to locally address climate change. Through budget process, develop recommendations for near-term implementation plans following adoption of the phase one climate action plan.

  • 2. Continue to expand and promote the County’s outdoor recreational parks and amenities
  • a. Complete rezoning for Biscuit Run Park and provide access to trails and greenways.
  • b. Implement quality of life projects identified by the Parks and Recreation needs assessment.


  • 3. Develop an Economic Development Program
  • a. The Economic Development program, ENABLE, will implement strategies that create an economy

driven by business, industry, and institutions in a way that complements growth management reliant upon cross-functional internal teams and external partnerships.

  • 4. School space needs
  • a. Establish and implement strategic direction including appropriate public engagement, for school

space needs (e.g., preschool, school capacity, modernization of facilities).

  • 5. Infrastructure Planning
  • a. Determine desired levels of service for water resource protection programs based on drainage

infrastructure video assessment and pilot watershed restoration program development; and recommend continuing resource requirements to fully implement those programs at varying service levels.

  • 6. Revitalize Aging Urban Neighborhoods
  • a. Implement improvement actions developed from neighborhood inventory data to address

neighborhood level needs.

  • b. Apply the county’s Transportation Project Prioritization Process to plan, identify funding, and

implement bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure improvements within and serving our Aging Urban Neighborhoods.

quality community and non-displacement and until the completion of the build out for Phase 1 of Southwood.


  • 7. Expand & upgrade the General District Court & Circuit Court
  • a. With established location decision and completed design, start the construction phase by Dec

2020 to expand the General District Court.

  • 8. Redevelop Rio/Route 29 Intersection Area
  • a. Present draft ordinance to implement Rio29 vision and encourage by-right implementation of

desired urban land use form. (Dec 2019)

  • b. Leverage existing and planned public investment to enhance place making in Rio/Route 29. (Jan


  • c. EDO will develop processes, policies, and/or resources to attract private capital to fulfill the small

area plan vision. (June 2022)

  • 9. Expand Broadband
    • a. Establish and implement strategic direction to expand broadband affordable access to underserved, rural communities.

Previous plans

Supervisors adopted a new strategic plan on October 10, 2014. It was developed at a June 10, 2014 plan retreat held in the training room at the Monticello Fire Station. [2]

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