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Agnor-Hurt Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school. It will be renamed Agnor Elementary School on July 1, 2024 after a committee found that one of its namesakes is associated with racist remarks. [1]

For the 2019-2020 school year, Agnor-Hurt Elementary School reported an enrollment of 475 students from Pre-K to fifth grade. [2] [3]

As part of the Northern Feeder pattern, Agnor-Hurt students continue to either Jack Jouett Middle School or Burley Middle School.

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Agnor-Hurt opened in September 1992 for kindergarten through grade 5 students from Cale, Greer, Hollymead, and Woodbrook Elementary Schools. The school was named in honor of Guy Agnor, former county executive, and Benjamin Franklin Hurt, an Albemarle educator and principal. [4]

Description from 2019 Annual Report

"Agnor-Hurt is a comprehensive elementary school that serves children from 4.1 square miles of Albemarle County along the Rio Road/Hydraulic Road corridor between the city limits of Charlottesville and Albemarle High School. Our core purpose is to establish a community of young learners and learning through building relationships, creating relevance, and holding to high levels of rigor for each and every child every single day. Like other elementary schools in our division, we use the Virginia Standards of Learning as our core content and design powerful learning experiences that engage children around their interests, have high expectations for each child, and identify practices that are holding children back from learning. Our school serves children who speak 10 different languages and have family origins in 15 different countries. Just over half of our students are economically disadvantaged. Nearly one-quarter of our students identify as African-American/ Black, and another 23% identify as Hispanic/Latino. Approximately 40% of our students identify as White."

Capacity issues

In FY2013, Agnor-Hurt was considered to be about 100 students over capacity. A committee reviewed redistricting plans and presented three options on December 10, 2012. [5]


Agnor-Hurt is represented by Alex the Agnor-Hurt Alligator. [3]


Doug Granger was hired as principal of Agnor-Hurt on February 2018 after serving as its interim principal.[6]

Earlier principals were:


Agnor-Hurt is located at 3201 Berkmar Dr.


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