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A. V. Conway, c. 1906

Alpheus Valentine Conway (1861-1940), former mayor and prominent in both in civic and business life of Charlottesville, played an important part in the early development of city life in the turn of the twentieth century. Best known by his civic career, Conway occupied the position of Mayor and Business Manager of Charlottesville.

Conway served the city as councilman, alderman, elected at-large mayor, business manager, assessor, judge of election, and other capacities.

Elected by the voters in the 1912 election, he officiated as an executive Mayor for one year, from September 1, 1912.

In September 1913, the City form of government was changed and he became the city's Business Manager. A Municipal Business Manager was provided for Charlottesville by ordinance. All duties of an executive or administrative character, which had previously been performed by several council committees under ordinances, which were in force before the creation of the new office; were then required to be discharged exclusively by Municipal Business Manager, the committees acting in an advisory capacity. [1]

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