1997 Charlottesville Priority List for sidewalk construction

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In 1997, the City of Charlottesville created a list of 99 locations for new sidewalks to be built in the city. The list has been periodically updated over time including once in February 2011. However, the list has now been superseded by the Charlottesville Bike Pedestrian Plan. [1]

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Sidewalk - Location Rank Comments
Palatine Ave. from Green to Quarry-South Side 1 Complete
Greenbrier Drive from Brook to Rio - North Side 2 Complete
Fontaine Ave. from Maury to Corp. Limits - Both Sides 3 Complete
Avon Street - Bolling to Blenheim-West Side 4 Complete
Avon Street - Altavista to Druid-West Side 5 Complete
East Market St. from Meade to Riverside Ave. - South Side 6 Nghrhd selected Chesapeake St
Lyman St. from Douglas to Goodman- East Side 7 Complete
Oak Street-Ridge at Barrett Day Care - North Side 8 Complete
Nelson Dr. near McIntire Rd. - South Side 9 Complete
Cherry Ave. from Cleveland to Shamrock - South Side 10 Complete
Chesapeake St. from Meade to Riverside - North Side 11 Complete
Farish St. - Sycamore from 8th to Lexington- South Side 12 Complete
1st Street from Oak to Cherry Ave. East Side 13 Complete
Monticello Ave. from Druid to Elliott-West Side 14 Complete
Moseley Dr. from Cleveland to Harris - Either Side 15 Complete
Forest Hill Ave. from Cherry to 9th - South Side 16 Complete
E. Jefferson from Meade to Farm Ln - North Side 17 Complete
Ivy Road from Emmet along UVA prp. - North Side 18 Complete
St. Annes at Intersection of Grove Rd. 19 Underway
Holmes Ave. near creek - East Side 20 Complete
Lewis Mtn. Rd. from Emmet to Alderman- South side 21 Complete
Monticello Rd. from Linden to Mtn. View - East Side 22 Underway
Douglas Ave-Either Side 23 Complete
6th St, SE from Elliott to Altavista - West Side 24 Underway
Rugby Road from Rugby Circle to Barracks/Preston - North Side 25 Underway
East High St. from Grove to Long - East Side 26 Underway
Little High St. from Meade to 13th - North Side 27 Underway
Page St. 700 Block - South Side 28
Old Lynchburg Road from Middleton to Quarry Park- East Side 29
Florence Rd. from Rives to Nassau - North Side 30 Underway
Brandywine Dr., from Yorktown to Hydraulic – East Side 31 Underway
Dale Ave. from Harris to Albemarle - North Side 32
Jamestown Dr. & Bunker Hill Dr to Yorktown - Either Side 33 (in school circle)
Belmont Ave. - 600 Block 34
Lexington Ave. around curve to Evergreen - South Side 35
Locust Ave. from Calhoun St. to River Rd. - East Side 36 Complete to Smith St
Meridian St. from Elliott to Belmont-Either Side 37 On proposed 2010 list ((in school circle)
Chancellor St. from Univ. Ave. to Rugby Rd. 38 On proposed 2010 list ((in school circle)
Chestnut Street - West Side 39 Cherry St to Myrtle St east side built w/CDBG (in school circle)
McIntire Road Extended from 250 By-Pass to Melbourne Rd - east side 40 To be built with MRE proj.)
Rosser Ave.\12th from 10 1/2 St. to Grady - South Side 41 Sidewalk along north side (in school circle)
10 1/2 St. NW from Rosser to Grady - West Side 42 Sidewalk along east side (in school circle)
11th St., NW from Page to West 43 Complete to 332 11th St
Martin St. south from Smith St. - West Side 44
Cherry Street from Spruce to Chestnut - North Side 45 (in school circle)
Myrtle Street - South Side 46 (in school circle)
Poplar St. from Locust to Gillespie-South Side 47
7 1/2 St. from Cherry to Prospect - East Side 48 Sidewalk along west side (in school circle)
Baylor Lane - North Side 49
Goodman St. at Graves St (east) and at Monticello Road (west) 50 Sidewalk along east side (in school circle)
Angus Road from Emmet to Cedar Hill - North Side 51 Complete
Agnese St. 1200 Block - North Side 52
Hartman's Mill Rd from Jordan Ave to Ridge, N. & E. Side above Jordan 53 Complete
Prospect Ave. at Blue Ridge Commons - East Side 54 Sidewalk along west side (in school circle)
2nd Street, NE from Hedge to Perry - West Side 55
8th St. from Church parking lot to Farish - Either Side 56
Cedar Hill Rd. from Hydraulic to Angus 57
Thomson Road from Emmet St. to Alderman - North Side 58
Rock Creek Road from Cherry Ave. to Forest Ridge - Both Sides 59 Laurel Circle to Briarcliff on proposed 2010 list
Green St. 1500 Block - Either Side 60
Yorktown Drive from Bunker Hill to Brandywine Dr. - East Side 61
Blenheim Ave. - 700 & 800 Blocks - South Side 62 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
Willard Drive - 2600 Block 63
Locust Ave. from Popular to Bypass - West Side 64
Shamrock Road from Stadium Road to JPA - Southwest Side 65
17th St. from Gordon to Virginia Ave. - Either Side 66 #426 to Gordon Ave (east) (in school circle)
Hedge St. from Park Place to 4th - South Side 67
Preston Place from Grady to curve - West Side 68
Raymond Rd. south from Baylor - West Side 69
East View St. from Knoll St. to Mtn. View Street - East Side 70
Northwood Ave. west from Park St. - South side 71 Complete
Vine St. from Nassau to Franklin - Either Side 72
Montrose Ave. 100 Block - Either Side 73 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
Meadowbrook Heights Rd. from Yorktown to Grove-Either Side 74 On proposed 2010 list (in school circle)
18th St., NE from Market to Chesapeake St. - Either Side 75
McElroy Dr. from Park Rd.-Either Side 76
Palatine Ave. from 6th to Green-Either Side 77
Shamrock Road 200 Block - North Side 78
Evergreen Ave. east from Park St. - North Side 79
St. Charles Ave. from Watson to Calhoun - West Side 80
Kenwood Lane from Concord to Melbourne - South Side 81 Complete
Mulberry Ave. from Shamrock to Highland - Either side 82 (in school circle)
Spruce St. from Cherry to Carlton - West Side 83 (in school circle)
3rd Street, NE from High to Hedge - West Side 84
Gillespie Ave. from High to Grove - Either Side 85 (in school circle)
Cargil Lane - Both Sides 86
Levy Ave. from Avon to Monticello Rd. – Either side 87 50’ gap either side (in school circle)
Lyons Court Lane from Evergreen - North side 88
Lyons Court Lane from Evergreen South Side 89
Sunset Ave. from JPA to Sunset Rd. - Either Side 90
Tarleton Dr. from Greenbrier to end - Either Side 91 Complete
Wayne Ave. from Angus Rd. to Ricky Rd. - Either Side 92
Caroline Ave. from Fairway to Duke - East Side 93
Castalia St. from Belmont to Monticello Rd. 94 (in school circle)
Meriwether St. west from 13th St. NE - Either Side 95
Antoinette Ave. unopened from Forest Hill to Antoinette Court - Either Side 96 Complete
Carter Lane - 1300 Block 97 No connections (in school circle)
Hedge St. from 1st to 2nd, Either Side 98
9 1/2 St. from E. Jefferson to High - East Side 99


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