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The general election was held on November 5, 1963.

Albemarle County

Elections were held for the Charlottesville Magisterial District, the Ivy Magisterial District, the Samuel Miller District and the Rivanna District.

In the Charlottesville district, the candidates were Garrett W. Kirksey and Landon D. Birckhead. Kirksey campaigned on a good government platform and indicated long-range planning was key. [1]

In the Ivy district, Harry L. Garth faced George C. Palmer.

In the Samuel Miller district, Richard A. Yancey faced Lewis W. Toms Jr..

In the Scottsville district, William H. Brown and Forrest E. Paulett were the candidates.

In the Rivanna district, Robert Thraves and J. Fulton Bishop were on the ballot. [2]


Charlottesville voters approved a proposal to implement water fluoridation. [3]

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