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  • January 11 – John Paul Jr. (1883 – 1964) was confirmed to the United States District Court by the United States Senate, a year when Republicans controlled the Senate by a one-vote margin. In 1956, Chief District Judge Paul issued one of the earliest school desegregation orders in Virginia. His historic decision, that the Charlottesville public schools end segregation, set off the state's "massive resistance" to the Supreme Court school decree.[1] Paul's father, John Paul (1839 – 1901), served in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War with the rank of captain in the 1st Virginia Cavalry, was also a graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law, a United States Representative from Virginia and a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia.
  • September 1 – A member of the Council for twenty-eight consecutive years, Frederick W. Twyman was elected mayor of Charlottesville at the organizational meeting of the new City Council. Twyman was the last member of the original board of City Commissioners in active service at that time.
  • October 4 – The influx of drifters through Charlottesville was in full swing last month when police lock-up was 528, nearly twelve times as many as during the same month in 1931, as show by the monthly report made public today by Chief of Police Maurice F. Greavers. Police headquarters last winter gave shelter to thousands.[2]
  • November 8 – 1932 United States presidential election: Charlottesville (75.53%) and Albemarle County (78.74%) voted for the Democratic nominee, New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, over the Republican nominee, incumbent President Herbert Hoover. Roosevelt ultimately won the national election with 57.41% of the vote.




1932 - Daily Progress city council election results.JPG


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