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  • September 3 – The City Council adopted an ordinance calling for an election to authorize a bond issue of $675,000 (equals $10,281,868 in 2021) to cover contemplated improvements, extensions and school needs as already mapped out. The amount, if authorized by the voters will be used as follows: For schools, new building and improvements, $245,000…[1]
  • September 26 – Members of the Young Men's Business Club vote 64 to 5 to endorse municipal bond issue for a new primary school, and extension of sewer on Market Street. [2]
  • Recipient of the French Legion of Honor, U.Va. President Edwin A. Alderman and Paul Goodloe McIntire, a businessman and philanthropist, whose generosity and name are intricately linked to the University and Charlottesville, were honored at a ceremony. Alderman was recognized for the contributions of the University and its faculty, students and alumni who aided France during World War I. McIntire was honored for a children's tuberculosis hospital he founded in France for refugees from the German-occupied north.[3][when?]




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