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Before the Sears catalog, farmers near small rural towns usually purchased supplies, often at high prices and on credit, from local general stores with narrow selections of goods. Prices were negotiated and relied on the storekeeper's estimate of a customer's creditworthiness. Sears built an opposite business model by offering in their catalogs a larger selection of products at published prices.
  • The Michie Grocery Company was incorporated with the following officers: J. P. Michie, president, F. W. Twyman, secretary and treasurer. The Board of Directors are Messers. J. P. Michie, F. W. Twyman, T. S. Keller, G. B. Sinclair, and T. P. Peyton.
  • October 29 – A list of qualified, registered voters from Charlottesville’s fourth ward, was reported in the Daily Progress.[1]



  • January 16Lizzie Petit Cutler dies and is later buried at Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. Having been born in Milton in 1831, Cutler was an influential author of Southern United States literature in the nineteenth century.
  • April 20 – According to the Daily Progress, "Monticello lost a long-time resident when Willis Sheldon, who has been gatekeeper for nearly a half century, died on Jefferson’s mountain." [2]
  • April 21 – According to the Daily Progress, Willis Sheldon, "was buried this afternoon at 3 o’clock in the colored burying grounds near the Jefferson mansion. The deceased had been blind for years, and was always found at the post until a few days ago [when] he became too feeble for duty." [2]
  • November 23Walter W. Massey, second son of John E. Massey, is killed when the wagon he was driving was struck by a passenger train. It was reported "he was deaf and did not hear the train coming." [3]



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