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City of Charlottesville's Population was 5,591[1]

Timberlakes Drugs opened. [2]

  • February 18 - At a regular monthly meeting, the City Council adopted a Resolution that the Chief of Police, be directed to have the Privies on the Public School property near C. D. Carters residence removed to some other place on the same property, after consultation with the School Board.[3]
  • June 1 - The official population count of the returns made under the Eleventh Census, taken as of June 1, 1890. The total population of the City of Charlottesville was 5,591; while the population in 1880 was 2,676, an increase during the decade of 2,915 - or 108.93% [4] The total population of the state as returned in 1890 was 1,655,980, while the population in 1880 was 1,512,565, an increase during the decade of 143,415 - or 9.48 per cent.







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