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$20,000 in 1819 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $402,437.80 in 2019, a difference of $382,437.80 over 200 years.


  • Regarded as necessary accompaniments of the courthouse and court proceedings, the pillory, stocks and whipping post were all directed to be restored in the public square. These were deemed important means of correction. In the process of time they seem to have disappeared by natural decay. [1]
  • January 25: The General Assembly of Virginia established the charter for the University of Virginia, the first nonsectarian university in the United States.[2]
This act provided for the establishment on the Central College site an University to be called The University of Virginia ...under the government of seven visitors to be appointed by the Governor, rector and secretary...additional sum of twenty-thousand dollars appropriated to the education of the poor. [3]
"In the said university; shall be taught the Latin, Greek and Hebrew languages, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Anglo- Saxon, the different branches of mathematics, pure and physical-natural philosophy, the principles of agriculture, chemistry, mineralogy, including geology, botany. zoology, anatomy, medicine, civil government, political economy, the law of nature and nations, municipal law, history, ideology, general grammar, ethics, rhetorick, and belles lettres; which branches of science shall be so distributed, and under so many professors, not exceeding ten, as the visitors shall think proper and expedient.”






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