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  • June 2 - Thomas Jefferson’s term as Governor ended, a dangerous and chaotic time for Virginia. General Cornwallis had heard of the General Assembly’s move to Charlottesville and quickly dispatched Lt. Col. Banastre Tarlton’s cavalry unit to capture members. Jefferson had already retired to nearby Monticello. In the confusion and disruption of normal government activity, the Assembly was unable to elect a new Governor, and so the state remained leaderless for almost a week.
  • June 3 - British cavalry under Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton assembled in Louisa County to attack Charlottesville and capture the Virginia legislature and former Governor Jefferson. Jefferson made his escape on horseback from Monticello and the legislature went across the mountains into the Valley. British troops raided the vicinity and Charlottesville and destroyed public records and some arms and ammunition.[1]





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