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  • January 1 - The act establishing the county of Albemarle (passed by the Legislature in September 1744) ordained its existence to begin from the first of January 1745, and the reason alleged for its formation was the "divers inconveniences attending the upper inhabitants of Goochland by reason of their great distance from the courthouse, and other places usually appointed for public meetings.”[1] Albemarle County was created by separating the northern portion of Goochland County. (Parts of Louisa County were added to Albemarle County in 1761 and 1838.)
  • February 25 - The organization of Albemarle County took place the fourth Thursday of February, 1745, doubtless on the plantation of Mrs. Scott, near the present Scottsville, where the next court was directed to be held. The commission of the first magistrates was dated the second of the preceding January. Those present were Joshua Fry, Peter Jefferson, Allen Howard, William Cabell, Joseph Thompson and Thomas Ballou. Howard and Cabell administered the oaths to Fry and Jefferson, and they in turn to the others.
  • The courthouse for the new County of Albemarle was established at a site that would latter became known as Scott's Landing. This site was to west of the present day Town of Scottsville. The house of Edward Scott was used as a temporary court House until one could be built. This site was used as the county seat until 1762 when a new courthouse was erected in the new Town of Charlottesville. Gradually all evidence of this early community faded from site and history. [2].




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